5 Ways to Avoid Weight Gain After Bariatric Surgery

In 2013, 179,000A?bariatric surgeriesA?were performed in the United States alone. As the obesity epidemic continues to grow, more and more individuals are considering the surgery as a treatment option. And while most patients do see significant weight loss immediately after surgery, continuing to lose weight 

10 Habits of Successful Bariatric Patients

Ia??ve had the priveldge of working with weight-loss surgery patients for the pastA?six yearsA?seven years (at the time of this post). During this time, Ia??ve learned what habits my most successful patients change in their life, and stick to long-term. I try not to a??get 

10 Mistakes WLS Patients Make (How to Avoid it)

One of our friends on OH posted this, and I thought it was really helpful for WLS patients at ANY stage to be aware of the top 10 a??pitfalls.a?? At over two years out, Nik and I are both in the a??maintenancea?? phase, and we 

5 Signs You Need to See a Bariatric Dietitian

Ia??m going to make a confession. Working with a dietitian, historically, has not been one of my favorite parts of the bariatric journey. Ia??m a rebel, Foodies! I dona??t want anyone telling me what to do. And telling me what to EAT? Get outta here! 

Which protein recipe is the best? YOU be the judge!

Ok, forget that a??othera?? election. This is the REALLY important one! Your fellow Foodies have put forth recipes to win a full canister ofA?Fit Frappe. Five finalists were chosen. Now ita??s time for YOU to decide who wins! And just because I love youa??for votinga??five