My Grocery Master List

My Grocery Master List

My (super supportive) partner does most of our grocery shopping and she asked me to make a list of foods that would nice to have around. This is after some well-intentioned fumbles – like trying to get me gluten-free products that were still high carb.

Obviously this isn’t to buy every shopping trip, but she has a good idea of what we are low on/go through quickly and keeps an eye on sales etc. to cycle through the rest. It’s tailored to my own tastes, so there are a few items I didn’t include (like, uh pork rinds) that might be on your list, but this a good place to start. (In the original I have my faves in red) I tried to break it up into categories for ease of shopping as well as an explanation of why that food is good for this WOE.



*Deli meats – Ham, chicken and turkey, Roast beef, Salami

*Sausages – breakfast and spicy.


*Frozen chicken

*ground beef

*Roasts, steaks, chops.




*romaine or other lettuce – butter, spring mix, etc.

*fresh spinach

*fresh or frozen cauliflower

*fresh or frozen broccoli

*Frozen green beans


*Pico de Gallo ing – (red)onion, cilantro, tomato, lime



*brussel sprouts

Dairy Fats:


*Heavy Cream

*Cheese – Mozzarella, Cheddar, Kerry Gold, Gouda, Brie, feta, Parmesan (un-shredded usually saves a few carbs)

*Cream cheese


*Sour Cream

Other Fats:

*Nuts- Almonds, macadamia, and pecans especially

*Coconut oil

*Olive Oil


Treats/Easy Meals:

*Berries – Fresh or Frozen

*Pre-cooked meats – pulled pork, carnitas

*Bacon Crumbles

*Hamburger Patties

*Rotisserie Chicken

*Seltzer water – flavored? La Croix?

*Marinara Sauce

*Frozen Meatballs

*Artichoke hearts



*low carb dips – white queso with green chiles? spinach artichoke?

*low carb prepared foods – caramelize onion and chicken patties?

*canned fish and chicken

*low carb prepared soups – cheddar-broocoli?


*Chia seeds


*Sunflower seeds


*Garlic powder

*Onion powder



*Diced tomatoes

*Tomato paste

*stock or bullion

*Almond milk


*Almond Flour

*Coconut Flour



*Salad Dressing: Creamy Ceasar, Green Goddess



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