How to Remove Stains from a Porcelain Sink

How to Remove Stains from a Porcelain Sink

I just moved into a house with a Porcelain sink and I was surprised at how many stains and scratches it gets from daily use.A? I love the look of Porcelain but I really dona??t like the discoloration that happens.A? I love coffee but my sink hates it.A? Can you tell?A? I had to find a way to bring it back to its bright white shine.A? Ia??ve tried a few different methods.A? Ia??ve had many fails and one Ah-ha moment! Oh, the joys of cleaning hard water, rust and soap residue from your Porcelain sink.

There are a few different methods that actually work.A? Some are a bit easy than others though.A? It will all depend on what you like or how easy you want to make this task.
Cleaning Methods That DONa??T Work (or doesna??t work fast enough):

Dona??t waste your time with a Mr Clean Magic Sponge.A? It doesna??t work.A? Ita??s a complete waste of time and effort.

Regular soap and water doesna??t work either.A? Ia??ve tried all kinds of elbow grease and no amount of power in my arms will remove those stains.

Bleach is another product that doesna??t work.A? UPDATE:A? Bleach works but not fast enough for me so it will stay this part of the list.A? Ia??ve had many people tell me that bleach works for them. Ia??ve learned that I am a very impatient cleaner. I want it clean now.A?A? I took the advice and mixed a spray bottle of 50% water and 50% bleach, sprayed it on and let it sit after all the dishes were done. It works! Just not fast. And God for bid if anyone runs water down the sink after you just sprayed it on. You pretty much have to spray it and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Thata??s the part I hate.A? So it does work, just not fast enough for me.A? Also,A? be careful where you spray the bleach too.A? If you spray it on the rim and someone leans over the sink to turn on the water, you will get a bleach mark on your clothing (ya,A? happened to me).


Cleaning Methods That DO Work:

My favorite number one product is Bar Keepers Friend.A? The stuff is Ah-mazing!A? And easy!A? I use theA?Bar Keepers Friend powdered kindA?as seen here onA?Amazon.A? I did find a difference between the liquid kind and the powdered stuff.A? I really like the powder.A? TheA?Bar Keepers Friend liquid kindA?does work but it seems to make me scrub longer.A? I like to clean it quick and easy.

Another method that works is a mixture ofA?Cream of TarterA?and Vinegar or equal parts ofA?Cream of TarterA?and Hydrogen Peroxide.A? Both work.A? I do like this method but it requires mixing which takes away from the easy part for me.A? But if I have the ingredients on hand and I am out of my favorite Bar Keepers Friend then I will make this as a backup.

AA?Pumice stone.A? All you need is a little water and a pumice stone to remove the stubborn stains.A? Now you would think that a stone might be a bad idea but pumice stones are actually volcanic rocks and light in weight.A? They can be a gentle abrasive to tubs and porcelain sinks.A? The trick is to make sure the stone is always wet when you use it.A? Oh and use aA?rounded tip Pumice Stone like this one seen here on Amazon.A? (Source:A?A?Ehow Article)

Ia??ve been told Nail Polish remover works.A? I havena??t tried this personally.A? Have you?

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